Welcome to TriCounty Hardwood Floors

Years of neglect can cause wood floors to become dull and professionally refinishing your floors will restore them to their original beauty. Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is a very economical way to transform the look of your home and it will enhance its value.

Whatever the reason for your remodeling and redecorating efforts, Tri-County Hardwood Floors would love to transform those ugly old floors into brand new floors. I follow a simple six-step process that can generally be completed in four to five days

  1. Preparation ~ To prepare for sanding and refinishing all furnishings are removed, and plastic is hung over entrances and exits to minimize exposure to dust.
  2. Sanding & Conditioning ~ I use state of the art equipment that reduces dust to a minimum, while conducting a three-pass sanding process to remove the old finish and ensure an even exposure of beautiful new wood. The floor is screened to remove any marks left by previous sanding passes. Finally, a buffer is used to eliminate any unseen scratches.
  3. Staining ~ At Tri-County Hardwood Floors we understand that the time and skill-intensive staining process is critical to customer satisfaction. I offer almost any color available. When possible, I will demonstrate stain samples on the floor, so customers may see their chosen stain before the application process begins. Tri-County applies stains by hand to ensure uniform coverage.
  4. Sealing ~ Tri-County abides by the National Wood Flooring Association standards for proper applications of sealer and finish coats. Because the sealer coat is vital to the durability of the finish, I recommend using three or four coats after the stain. I apply light sanding between each coat to ensure a uniform coverage.
  5. Finishing ~ Tri-County Hardwood Floors offers a full range of oil-based and water-based polyurethane finishes designed to achieve satin-or high gloss results. I apply three coats of finish, with additional screening and buffing between coats to remove dust and ensure the highest-quality product
  6. Clean up ~ Tri-County will completely clean your house from ceiling to floor as I never leave a mess behind

Of course, every job is different, however my goal is to design a package to meet your unique circumstances and requirements

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